Dealing with Depression

There are effective treatments and self-help skills to deal with depression.

Learn how to handle difficult situations

Learn to think fairly about yourself

Set goals you are going to reach

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Goal Setting

Goal achieved? Way to stay on task!
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Problem Solving



How did it make you feel?
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Realistic thinking


Realistic thought:

How did it make you feel?
  • Amy

    The Perfect Girl

  • Ingrid

    The Girl With Angry Parents

  • Joe

    The Shy Guy

This resource is based on the Dealing with Depression workbook created by Dan Bilsker, PhD, Merv Gilbert, PhD, David Worling, PhD and Jane Garland, MD, FRCP(C), originally created through a grant from and in collaboration with the Ministry of Children and Family Development as part of the Child and Youth Mental Health Plan (2003), and was developed with the permission of the authors and the ministry and in consultation with them.


Provincial Health Services Authority British Columbia BC Children's Hospital