Problem Solving

Compare Different Solutions

Consider which solution is most likely to help the problem. Look at the good and bad points for each action.

For each of your 3 actions, write down good and bad points:


Add your solution

Add your solution

Add your solution

Look over the good and bad points for each action and decide which one is best. Then you will make a plan to carry out this action. In the Goal Setting section you'll learn how to make really effective plans and carry them out.

Tip on how to compare different actions:

Passive Actions
You don't state your own point of view because you don't think it's worth saying or you don't do what you want because you think what other people want is more important.
Aggressive Actions
You don't listen to others' points of view and just try to do what you want.
Assertive Actions
You strike a balance between what you want and what others want, stating your own view and listening to the views of others.

As you've already guessed, Passive and Aggressive actions aren't usually the best ones!