Goal Setting

Make this goal specific, realistic, and scheduled

Effective goals are specific, realistic and scheduled.


Be very clear about what you are planning to do. Unclear goals are much less likely to be carried out.

You probably won’t set aside a specific time for it and you won’t know when you are meeting your goal.

A better goal:



Teens often set goals that are very ambitious, like someone who hasn’t been doing any exercise making this goal:

This goal is not realistic and almost nobody makes that kind of change so quickly.

At first your goals must be small ones, and they can gradually become more ambitious as you have success.



You have to know exactly what you’re going to do, where you’re going to do it, for how long and when.

A better goal:

Think of your goal as an appointment with yourself. Treat it as carefully as you would an appointment with your doctor. If you must cancel this appointment with yourself, reschedule immediately and then don’t miss it.