About Depression

Reasons to Change

Change is difficult. When you are feeling stressed or down, it is particularly hard to change. For this reason it is important to remind yourself why change is worth the effort.

  • Change allows you new experiences
  • Change helps you to learn new skills
  • Change gives you power

Sometimes you can’t do much to change a problem, but you can change how you think about it and in this way you can change how you feel… - The Dalai Lama

Be patient with yourself. Don’t expect things to be different overnight. Set realistic goals and allow time. Give yourself credit for trying something new. Remember that things don’t always work the first time and learn from mistakes.

The difference between deciding and doing is, well, doing. Once you take a small step you have changed from inaction to action – and then things are already a bit different. You’ve taken a step by reading this; now see if you can make that difference bigger.